If you are a self conscious professional who wants to stop holding yourself back and live a more joyful, vibrant life, feeling free to express yourself and contribute more at work, then this is your next step.

From learning about True Self Esteem, you will:

  • Have a strong, robust self esteem and never lose it, & know how to get it back if you do
  • Overcome the fear of being judged and the fear of failure
  • Be comfortable in your own skin, even accept and love yourself
  • Have more self confidence and belief in your abilities
  • Understand self consciousness as a continuum, and overcome the negative self consciousness that holds you back and keeps you quiet, to become more conscious of the self in positive way, freeing you to contribute more at work.

This course is for you if:

You suffer from Self Consciousness and are ready to overcome this.

Self Conscious Professionals usually:

  • become overly anxious when need to speak up at meetings, give presentations, interact with superiors / executives /directors
  • find it difficult to ask for help, approach a mentor, network, talk to strangers
  • personally have few friends and a quiet social life, tending to stay at home alone rather than go out and meet people
  • personally miss out on approaching someone they are attracted to, and often come across as unapproachable

You want a strong, robust self esteem and unstoppable self confidence

  • You feel pressured to achieve and be accepted by others
  • You are a people pleaser, and care too much about what others think about you and this negatively affects you
  • You overwork yourself, suffer from stress and burnout, are a workaholic
  • You feel inner stress or conflict, and/or are not comfortable in your own skin and so wish for some inner peace

You fear being in the spotlight and are holding yourself back and missing opportunities

  • You miss opportunities because you are not seen, your ideas are not heard, you’re not asked to work on exciting and important projects, you’re overlooked for promotions
  • You don’t apply for the job of your dreams, you don’t initiate interactions, you don’t ask for help or mentoring

You find you have a negative reaction physically when other people’s attention is on you, like:

  • You blush excessively
  • You get a rash on your neck
  • You sweat excessively
  • You struggle to think clearly, on the spot, and can’t get your thoughts across clearly or words out

This course solves these needs:

  • Low or constantly changing self esteem (it goes up and down)
  • Lack of feeling worthy; feeling not ______ enough, e.g. not good enough, not outgoing enough, not beautiful enough, not clever enough, not slim enough, etc. and wanting to change this
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Suffering from self consciousness
  • Want to stop holding yourself back
  • Wanting to have an inner calm and inner peace
  • Fear of speaking in front of others
  • Fear of others judging you
  • Fear of failing
  • Fear of looking a fool
  • Career not progressing due to you not speaking up or taking or creating opportunities

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the concepts of filters and their significance to your mindsets and experience of life
  • Explain self esteem and self confidence, and how they relate to defining yourself and then getting results in life
  • Assess and describe if your self esteem is conditional, and actually other esteem, or not, and identify how to change it and why to change it
  • Develop self compassion and self acceptance and how to access your beingness
  • Describe the inside-out focus or flow of self expression, resulting in distinctions in your roles and who you are at your core
  • Identify your mindset and how to enhance it to the more useful one that helps be successful in life and get over the fear of being judged
  • Apply new learning’s to your current life situations, like doing a presentation at work (public speaking), making a sale, asking for a raise, managing staff, speaking up at meetings, leading out at meetings, networking.
  • Summarise learning’s and takeaways, and have an action plan ready to implement


Included as a complimentary bonus is the ebook "Consciously Shine", about the quickest single thing you can do to overcome self consciousness and speak up and shine, especially at work, valued at USD 6.70 (excl VAT).



Before today I did not know the difference between self-esteem and self-confidence. Now that I do know the difference, I will never allow myself to feel worthless ever again and because of this, I will have the confidence to attempt new things and if I fail, I will see it as an opportunity to improve myself rather than allow it to make me feel of a lesser value.” 

Natasha Chetty

"This is a brilliant course that provided insight to how my thoughts and behaviours stifled my potential at work and at home. It then provided me with tools and information and with 100% self-esteem, valuing who I am and what I have to offer the world, as well as valuing others. It has helped me to practice courage and confidence in all that I do. Mostly it helped me to think about how I react to stimuli and how to use filters to promote healthy behaviour... It is a life-changing course. Thank you Telana."

Marsha Massyn-Loubser

"The fundamental principles explained during the course when applied to my life, changed my life significantly. It removed my fears, self-doubt and self sabotaging behaviour. I'm now equipped and empowered to enjoy life's challenges. Thanks for opening my eyes to a new world Telana!" 

More testimonials here.

About the instructor

Courage Coach; BSC (hons) Psychology; Master NS Trainer

Telana Simpson

"I help bright, talented people have no regrets in life by being able to have meaningful conversations, and shine their light in the world."Telana is a dynamic transformational Courage Coach who focuses on communicating and relating, and helping her clients be brave. She works with people who want to change their lives, specifically to improve their communication skills and relationships and their ability to express themselves verbally, creatively, emotionally and physically. She is an example of embodying and teaching creative self-expressing, inspiring others to know and experience themselves and to reconnect to the joy of living and creating on our beautiful earth, while being enthusiastic about experiencing all that life has to offer.

My Story and why I can support you on this journey:

I’ve been there in the past: labelled shy and self conscious. I used to blush so much that, for example, I would only approach my professor after class, and she would be visibly uncomfortable as I gushed out my question, red in the face. I was reserved in groups, and the most common question I was asked was “Why are you so quiet and shy?”

I feared conflict so much that I would not share my views or ask for what I needed for fear of what others would think and say about me. I outsourced any speaking that was needed, like welcome speeches at the big charity events I organised.

I was so out of balance because I focused more on other people’s needs and helping them that I neglected myself and my own work and deadlines. The turning point for me was some serious health challenges that lead me to finding the useful ideas and tools from the fields of coaching, the cognitive behavioural sciences, positive psychology and neuro-psychology, and consciousness evolution.

I changed and I am still growing and learning - in terms of speaking up more and adding value to the world. I have now done talks in front of hundreds of people. I’ve been interviewed on radio and TV, and even hosted a short series programme on Summit TV. I’ve been hosting my own internet TV shows for years, and I’ve chaired board meetings without blushing – actually, I haven’t blushed like I used to at university for years now!

I thrive on feedback and don’t fear conflict – if anything I’m more skilled at confrontation than most, and see it as useful and a necessary part of life and relationships. My health has improved significantly and I experience more quality relationships and am equally ok with being alone.

So when I say I know what it’s like living with negative self consciousness, and that it can be changed and overcome, I am speaking from experience as a living example, and from coaching clients through these challenges for over a decade now.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • What is Self Consciousness?

    • Consciously Shine - eBook

  • 2

    Starting Point

    • How we get results in life

    • Why we look at Self Esteem

  • 3

    True Self Esteem & Confidence

    • Conditional or Unconditional Self Esteem

    • Self Esteem- conditional or unconditional - Questionnaire

    • The Key Distinction

    • Application Form

  • 4

    How to Live this Idea in your Life

    • Stage 1 - Cognitive Decision

    • Stage 2 - Develop Self Compassion

    • Stage 3 - Develop Self Confidence

    • Stage 4 - Get in touch with your Beingness

    • Worksheet One - Living from True Self Esteem

  • 5


    • Applying to Self Consciousness at Work

    • Worksheet Two - My Action Plan for Positive Self Consciousness

  • 6


    • Closing

    • Checklist for Positive Self Consciousness

    • Discussion Forum to share ideas and ask questions

    • References and Bibliography

Let this be the moment you no longer hold yourself back with negative self consciousness.

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